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Emily Stephens — 5 star

DENTISTRY- REDEFINED! In my life, I have gone to about eight dentists and am so happy that I have FINALLY found the one that exceeds my expectations. Dr. Carlo Marino was the FIRST dentist EVER to administer a novocaine injection painlessly, that used to be one of the scariest parts for me when going to see the dentist. He gave my smile a "new lease on life!" The office is equipped with the latest, most efficient technology to get you in-and-out quicker and to keep the service affordable. Dr. Marino and his staff have dentistry down to a SCIENCE: EFFICIENT, EXCELLENT, AFFORDABLE and for me personally it was PAINLESS! I even took my 8-year-old son there to fix a cavity- ZERO tears! We are BLESSED to have a dentist like Dr. Marino and his staff right here in Cleveland! I recommend State Valley Dental 100%!